Rally for David

It has been 6 months since David was taken from us, and it’s been 6 months for the US and Mexico to find David and were still not closer to finding him then we were on Sept. 30th 2010.  So, David’s family and I have decided we are going to hold a rally at the Dever Capitol (Westside Steps) on March 30th at 12:00 – 2:00.

Our purpose is to ask our governor, congressman, and elected officials to take lead in pressuring the Obama administration to help us get David back and to prosecute the people in charge of David’s murder.  We want to help bring awareness to the border issues and what our government is not doing for the families who have family killed, missing or kidnapped in Mexico. 

Please come and join us and rally with us to Bring David Home and bring awareness to the border issues: Cartel violence, spillover violence, murders, kidnappings because this isn’t just a border issue it’s an American issue. 

We all have to realize that a “Mexico war is an American War”.  Their war will come here if we (as Americans) don’t start pushing our congressman, governors and elected officials to start pushing the Obama administration to to something…

CNN Documentry

I just got an update on when they are going to possibly air the documentary they taped back in December.   I finally got ahold of someone to at least give me an idea if they are going to air it again.  So, their thinking maybe April 10, at 8pm et. I will let you know if that changes.  Sorry for all the confusion, thanks for your patients…

March Updates

Here are some updates to what is going on in March. On Saturday March 12th at 7pm (Colorado Time) “Cop and Coyote” with Sheriff Joe and at 8pm there will be a show “Texas Drug Wars” on the Discovery Channel. Then Sunday March 13th and 19th at 6pm CNN is airing a documentary that David’s mom and I taped back in December and theirnow getting it on TV.  So, tune into the “Texas Drug Wars” show and see what they are going thru from the DPS (Department of Public Safety) point a view.  It has been a while since we taped the CNN documentary so I am curious to see what it’s going to be like.

Tiffany Hartley

Mexico arrests suspect linked to U.S. agent’s death

Here’s a link to some new information on an arrest made in the US agents death.  Also, there was a shoot out between the military and a drug cartel group (probably Zeta cartel).  The soldiers killed 6 cartel members.  The shooting happened in the same town that David and I were at on Sept 30th. 


Geraldo Show

Here is the link to the March 5th interview with Geraldo.  I was a little disappointed that Charlie Sheen took over some of my time so I was cut short.  My frustration there is because he really is not more important then what is going on down at the border.  We were going to discuss Spring Break and how it would be wise for anyone who is going on vacation for Spring Break to go somewhere in the US vs Mexico.  I pray families think about what area they are going to send their kids and that they would rather send them to a resort in the US. 


Update on the Suspects

A little more than a month ago Sheriff Sigi Gonzalez mentioned to Channel 5 News that they had a couple suspects that they had identified.  A few days ago he had another interview and mentioned it again but people took it as these were new suspects but really they are the same ones he mentioned more than a month ago.  I believe what happened is it didn’t really hit the news at the time as big as it has this time.  Also, I want to make sure that people understand is that they are saying there are 4 suspects which is true 2 of them were identified back in October by the Mexican authorities and more than a month ago 2 more were identified. 

I believe the Zapata County Sheriff’s office, FBI, Texas Rangers and DPS (Department of Public Safety) are doing all they can to continue the efforts of finding  the men who were there that day and who shot my husband.  I know this is going to be a long process but their doing their best and I believe we will get justice for David.  Every little step or information they receive is a step closer to finding who did this and finding David’s remains.  I thank God that we have these agencies still working hard for David and our families. 

My only frustration in all of this is that our Federal Government is not giving these agencies the help and resources they need to continue their efforts in not only our case but the many other cases they are working on.   

Here are couple links:



9 News Update

Here is a link on a update interview done by 9 News in Colorado.  The reporter Will Ripley who was a reporter with Channel 5 in the Rio Grande Valley is now with 9 News.  We are excited to have Will Ripley with us here in Colorado now since he has been covering our story since the beginning .