Thank You

While reading the many comments my heart was continually being filled with God’s love and the wonderful words you all wrote.  Trust me the GOOD comments out way the bad and God has truly blessed me with all of your support.  I know GOD  loves me and has been with me from the beginning and will be with me til I have my HEAVEN day.  He saved me with his right hand on Sept 30, 2010  for a reason that only he knows and I have to trust that God knows best and this life is temporary but HEAVEN is eternal and what I do on this earth is for his ultimate plan.

Witnesses come foward

Sheriff Sigi Gonzalez got a call from a couple of witnesses who say they heard the shots the day David was shot. 

Our families have been praying people would come foward with any information that they may of heard or saw.  God is showing himself faithful in our lives…

Rally at Denver Capitol

I would like to thank everyone for your continual support and prayers in our efforts to Bring David Home.  We will continue to address our government and local elected officials to help us in finding David and the people responsible for taking David away from us. 

March 30, 2011 marked 6 months since David was killed and marks 6 months since our government has not done enough to make sure he was brought back to myself and David’s family.  We will continue our fight for David and all Americans who have been killed or are missing in Mexico.  We will be the voice for all of those who can’t or are afraid to have a voice and speak out against the Mexico’s government and cartels. 

Believe me David’s family and I will not go away we will continue to fight for David and to bring awareness to the American people of the issues on our border.  We all have to remember that the border states are doing everything they can to secure their border for not just their state but for all the states across the nation.  They are doing it for all Americans and they need our support.  If you go to any of the men and women working along our Mexico border they will tell you that our borders are not more secure now then they have ever been.  There is just simply not enough border patrol agents to secure the border. 

God Bless

Tiffany Hartley

Mexico violence claims life of Colorado man

Well here’s another man killed by cartel members who was a former Colorado citizen.  Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers and for the mothers safety while she travels to Mexico to identify her son.