Thousands Poised to Enter Deportation Process After Mass ICE Arrest

When I read this I looked up how many were arrested in Colorado and there was 79 one was a 51 year old man from Libya living in Denver who had been convicted of first-degree sexual assault against a child and domestic violence, according to ICE.  Unbelievable, but it is believable at the same time because most of these people don’t go back and our government doesn’t make sure they are deported so they stay here committing  more crimes.  It is nice to see that they are finally going out and doing a sweep to find immigration fugitives and illegal immigrants with criminal records.  At the same time we can’t just send them across and allow them to come back into the U.S. there has to be better security at our borders to make sure these criminals don’t come back.

Calderon Says Mexican Authorities Capture Leader of La Familia Cartel

This is good news, I hope they continue to capture men like him who are destroying Mexico…