Grandpa’s Heaven Day (July 3rd)

Today Grandpa went to heaven.  He has been battling Cancer for a long time, we are all sad he is gone but we all know that his pain is gone now.  My Grandpa was an incredible man who had so many stories to tell you.  For one man to remember so many things in life that happened but also remember all the names of the people he met along the way is one man who is very unique.  I remember David and Grandpa talking during the holiday’s about motorcycles, cars, and many other things.  For our wedding Grandpa rebuilt one of his old cars that we drove away in, I can’t tell you how special and awesome that was for us.  We were hoping that Grandpa would of made it for Tia’s (my sister) wedding but God had other plans so we will be missing Grandpa on Tia and Josh wedding celebration.  Please be praying for my Grandma and our family while we go through this difficult time and saying goodbye to a wonderful man who we will all miss so much.  Grandpa we love you so much and will be looking forward to all the stories you have to tell us when we see you again.  You will be greatly missed…

9 Months

Well another month goes by and it still doesn’t get any easier.  On the 30th of every month I seem to relive the day that David was killed, the whole day I am running through my mind from the time we left the house til the time I got back to our home alone, without David.  No matter how hard I try I still seem to focus on the things that I can’t change but wishing along the way that I would of done something different to make what happen NOT happen.  I know there is nothing I can do to change the outcome of that day but my mind seems to make me think I could of done something different.  Everyday I wake up missing David and missing his smile, laugh, sarcasm, and most of all his love for me.  It’s hard to feel loved when David was the one who meant the most to me and his love for me made me feel so secure and special.  Although I know that I am loved and loved by many  but it’s different when it’s David’s love but I know without a shadow of a doubt that he loved me more than anything on earth.  Cytori (our dog) and I were his two favorite girls and he would make sure to let us know that all the time.  He was an incredible man who loved many, laughed a lot and touched many lives, I will never forget how many people he touched but most importantly he touched my life in a very special way.  I thank God everyday that he allowed me to know David, to be his wife, his best friend, and to most of all to be loved by David.  Thank you God!!!