Congressional Field Hearing

After the Field Congressional Hearing Pam and I did a couple interviews, so I thought I would attatch a couple of them.

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11 Months

The month of August has been really crazy!  To start out with the beginning of the month my grandparents moved into my parents house, so now it is my parents, grandparents and myself all under one roof.  I am happy they are with us, because they really need to be looked after but it’s hard enough to be living in my parents home but now having two more people that we are having to look after, makes it a little more difficult on all of us.  Then my sister got married on the 28th which we had so much already to do with the wedding and adding my grandparents in the mix kind of made it a very stressful household.  Tia’s (my sister) wedding was just perfect, other than the flowers that were wrong but friends fixed it.  Tia was just stunning and exquisite, she was glowing… which we have been waiting a long time to see her this happy.  Josh (her husband) has really mad my sister happy and I can’t thank him enough for bring a smile to my sister.  I have to thank Tia and Josh for honoring David in their wedding which I can’t explain to them how much it touched me.  For Josh to be willing to honor David when he never got the chance to meet him showed me not only how much he loves Tia but his love for our family. 

The 11 month anniversary since David was killed was a day not quite like others.  Since Tia is on her honeymoon I took over her nanny job for the week and I had to do some grocery shopping for them, which Tia gave me specific instructions on what they buy and what not to buy.  I was so worried I would get it wrong that I had to text the mom of the boys to make sure I was going to get the certain kind of squeezy yogurt right, when a lady came up to me and asked if she recognizes me from the news.  She gave me some encouraging words, her mom came up after her and she also had encouraging words for me.  For it being the day of the anniversary, and it being hard enough it was so nice for these ladies to take the time to encourage and uplift me. 

This next month I am really not looking forward to, I have been crying most everyday for over a week now.  I feel everyday I miss David more than I did the day before, who says time heals all wounds.  I know God is with me through all my pain and suffering but I just wish I could truly feel him close to me, comforting me when I feel at my worst.    God has comforted me in a lot of ways and has given me strength when I didn’t feel I had any left.  God is my strength…