“One Minute Speech”

Here is Congressman Cory Gardner’s speech on the house floor today (Oct 5, 2011)


One Minute Speech

Congressman Gardner wants to do what they call a “One Minute Speech” on the floor of the House of Representatives, discussing the one year anniversary of the attack on Falcon Lake.  It’s kind of a special thing.  They enter the speech into the Congressional Record.  The purpose of the speech would be to draw attention to the unfinished business in this case, and to help raise awareness about the violence on the border.  He’s going to team up with some other congressmen to maybe do the same thing.

I got a call this morning that the congressman was going before the house around 10:00am.  If I can I will post a video later.


This month has been really emotional and hard, which was expected.  With it being the year anniversary month, I have really been emotional and for the first couple weeks of September I think I cried almost everyday.  It is just so hard for me to believe that I have gone almost a whole year without David.  But this year has gone so fast it just doesn’t seem possible that it could be a year, it feels like it has only been months.  So many things are different in my life now, that I can’t even believe the changes that I have gone through.  

On September 16th Pam (David’s mom) and I flew into McAllen, TX so we could have a few days before I was going to testify at a Congressional Field Hearing in Brownsville, TX.  On Saturday we went to Falcon Lake so we could visit the lake and we could have quiet, personal time with no one else, no media just us.  We knew going back would be hard but we really wanted to visit the lake since that is as close as we can get to David.  We talked about how it is still hard to believe that we have lived almost a year without David, I shared with Pam some of my memories of our time in August when David and I went to the lake.  We both walked away glad that we went but after getting in our car and driving away I found myself having a really hard time because I felt like I was leaving David behind once again.  I can’t say that I will or won’t go back to Falcon to visit again but I imagine every time I leave I will feel like I’m leaving him behind.  I didn’t put any expectations on my visit to Falcon but I can say I didn’t even think about how I would feel when I left. 

The hearing on Monday 19th I was so nervous to get up there with these gentleman who have testified before and who are experts in their field.   Here I am out of my element, nervous and hoping I don’t make a fool of myself.  I feel I did okay but not great, I just hope they got a feeling of what I went through that day and how my life has dramatically changed.  I have met Congressman Ted Poe before so it was nice to see him again, and it was really nice to meet Congressman Farenthold.  I  believe both gentleman received a better understanding of what the border issues are and what needs to happen to help make it a safer place for farmers, American citizens and tourist. 

On September 30th we had a candle light vigil in Memory of David for family and friends. I hope it was a time thateveryone was able to reflect and share memories of David.  I ended up not going because it was such a hard day I just couldn’t bring myself to get out of the house.  My family bought stuff to make s’mores, so late that evening we decided to go and enjoy a memory that we all share of us making s’mores with David.  Tia was making fun of him because he was the worlds longest s’more maker, it had to be just perfectly golden brown (Not burnt).   There were many stories shared and remembered that evening.  I heard the vigil was really nice, I am so thankful and grateful to Pam, Nikki, Jenny and Marnie (David’s mom, sister and two of our friends) who organized the vigil so friends and family could gather and share memories together.  As much as I dreaded the year anniversary I am glad it is over and now we can focus on getting thru the holidays again.  It seems like when you get through one major event, you have another one you have to get geared up for.  It’s never ending but I guess that comes along with losing someone you love so much.