Remains found at Falcon Lake

We are praying that David will be able to come home soon and we can find some closer in knowing he is back home in Colorado and we can honor him the way he would want to be.  We know David is alive in Spirit but not in body and that he’s in Heaven having an adventure of a lifetime. 

We also are realistic that possibly it won’t be David but it’s someones Son, Brother and Friend and his family deserves the same closer that we do.  So, we will continue to hold onto hope and our faith in God.  God will bring peace and comfort no matter the outcome.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

On Christmas Day I was reflecting on Jesus’s birth but also that I couldn’t believe that this is the second Christmas without David.  10 years ago Christmas Day David gave me the 2nd best gift of all, the first was Sept 29, 2001 he choose me to spend his life with and the second Christmas Day 2001 he gave me Cytori, our German Shorthaired Pointer.  He sat me down in the middle of the living room at my parents and gave me the last gift to open, so here I am, everyone standing across from me with cameras and I open the gift and in it is a puppy book, collar and leash, then up the stairs David comes with the most adorable puppy you have ever seen.  I was so suprised that my parents would agree to him giving me a puppy but then I found out that they told him, if you want to give her a puppy then the puppy stays with you until your married.  At that time we had 3 dogs already in the house and didn’t need anymore, but she was soo cute they couldn’t help but let her come over every now and then.  So, here we are 10 years later and Cytori is still the best gift I ever got and when I look at her I think of David and how he always told us that we were his two favorite girls.  As Cytori’s Christmas gift this year I got her a piggy stuff animal that I knew David would love and I knew he wouldn’t of thought twice to pick the piggy out of all the other animals. 

Christmas was quiet for us this year, we stayed home, opened gifts and had dinner.  Noramlly we’re running out the door to get somewhere like most families I’m sure but not this year, we all felt like we needed a Christmas where we just enjoy the day and spend it with eachother (dad,mom,tia, josh and my grandparents and uncle).  Since my grandparents are living with us now we gave them a Christmas that they haven’t had in probably over 20 years so it was fun for all of us to shower them with gifts and love.  Grandpa came to tears many times, I think because he realizes what he missed out on all those years they didn’t come to spend the holidays with us.  Not the gifts but spending it with family and seeing the love we share for eachother.  So, we really had a blessed Christmas.  

Now, as the new year is approaching I look back at this year and wonder where it went,  I pray that this year brings peace, comfort and joy into our lives/my life and that I spend this year living a life David would be proud of.  I have been given a second chance at life and I plan on not wasting it and living a life that God would be able to tell me Well Done.  So, with 2012 only a few days away I am looking foward to what God has in store for me this year, a year full of blessings and peace.  I pray for everyone reading this that God will bring many blessings to and your family in 2012. 

God Bless

It’s been awhile…

I’m not even sure where to begin, it has been awhile since I wrote anything, mainly because life has been so wrapped up in taking care of my grandparents that when I do have some down time I just want to do nothing.  Life has had it’s challenges the last few months taking care of them, as i’m sure you could imagine, with 5 adults living in one home that there is bound to be struggles especially with grandma having Alzheimer’s and grandpa heading down the same path,   but were doing the best we can.

Before the year anniversary my dad and I went to NY for the Today Show.  It was nice to spend time with just him and see his reaction to his first visit to NY.  He’s a country boy and the big city was pretty overwhelming to him and just plain too big.  He couldn’t figure out why anyone would want to live there.  

At the end of October I went to a Ladies Conference and I had the opportunity to meet a lady who went thru a tragic/horrible experience herself and we instantly were friends.  She was able to shine some light on my situation.  I look at her experience (which she easily could of died from)  and then mine and my first reaction was, wow her experience was worse than mine but like she said “Pain is Pain”.  Very true, what I’m going thru and what someone else is may be very different but the pain is the same.  Everyone of us has or will go thru a tragic situations the question is how we react to it, we can either rise up or dwell in it.  I was given some sermons from a church here in Colorado and they have spoken to me so much lately.  I know if I heard or listened to them at the beginning of my grief I wouldn’t of been able to take anything from it since I was so angry (I still am but it’s different from before).  But now I feel I’m ready, I’m ready to allow God to move me to a different level spiritually.  The pastor said something (well many things) that really moved me, he said “You will only grow to the level of your capacity, we make the decision if we’re going to press thru the pain or dwell in our pain”  (along those lines).   I have been a Christian since I was 12 or 13 but my faith, hope and trust in God has only become stronger since Sept 30, 2010.  I know that the moment David was taken from me I had a choice to either run to God or away from God, and I chose to run to him because I know he is the only one who can get me through the pain I am going through.  Now, don’t get me wrong I have been really mad at God for allowing this to happen in my life, but I have many things to be thanking him for.  He has shown me Grace, Mercy and Favor and Love beyond what I could of imagined.  His unfailing love and faithfulness has been indescribable in my life.