“El Loco” Drug Cartel Leader Captured

El Loco! Drug Cartel Leader Captured After Beheading 49 People In Mexico (VIDEO)

I know this is a little late getting posted but in my mind I thought I already posted it but obviously I hadn’t.  Every time I hear about another person killed in Mexico my heart sinks.  Honestly anytime I hear someone is killed because I know what the family is going thru and the pain they feel.
Here we have 49 people/families that have been affected by the hand of the Drug Cartels.  These families are all going thru a loss that should not have happened.  Once again it goes to show the Cartels have control over Mexico and can get away with whatever they want.
I continue to pray for Mexico because we know that the world is the Devils stronghold and the Devils stronghold on Mexico is stronger than anyone could or any government could help.  I believe God is the only one that can help Mexico and the mess they are in.  Please join me in praying for Mexico and the citizens that are being affected by the violence of the Cartels.  Please also pray for the Cartel members that God will touch their hearts and that they will be open to turning from their wicked ways.
God Bless

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