Aurora, CO Shooting

A week ago tonight just after midnight a coward went into a movie theater and started shooting into the crowded theater.  Friday morning my sister called me and told me about it and I was in shock and disbelief as to what happened.  My heart broke for the 12 families that lost a loved one and to all the survivors who made it out alive, even if they were wounded they still were alive.  A few are still in critical condition but many of them are recovering and doing well.

All day Friday I believe God was breaking my heart for what breaks his.  All the way to work I just cried and couldn’t stop, once I got to work so I sat in my car until I could get myself together.  My heart truly could relate to every person who was in the theater.  Even though I was not there I could put myself in their shoes and know the horror they felt.

Everyday since the shooting I pray for the families and friends who have been affected by this horrible tragedy.  My prayer is that I soon will be able to offer my help to the survivors who wish to visit with someone who can not only relate to what they went through and to what they will be going through in the days to come.  I know for me it would of been helpful to visit with someone who understands exactly what they saw, heard and felt.

I pray God will give them the peace and comfort he has given to me.

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