Suspect arrested in Falcon Lake killing

On Monday I received a call from a media friend in Texas who told me that the Mexico Government arrested Salvador Alfonso Martinez Escobedo who was involved in Murdering David.  As you can imagine this came to me as a surprise/shock since I haven’t had any news for quite some time.  It’s probably has been since the remains were discovered at Falcon Lake back in December of 2011.  Right now we are working on gathering information from both sides of the border to see how this suspect was involved in killing David and if he had anything to do with his murder then where are David’s remains.  The latest information I heard was that the Mexico authorities were cooperating with the FBI in the investigation.  Please continue to have us in your prayers that the suspect can and will lead authorities to David’s remains so we can honor him the way he always wanted.  Thank you for all of your support and prayers!

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