Falcon Lake Shooting Again

Well, my friends sadly another shooting has happened again on Falcon Lake.  This time it was on the opposite side of the lake by the dam and two friends Javier Gonzalez and Oscar Eduardo Garza were night fishing on the lake and were approached by a boat.  They exchanged words and when the men saw a gun they sped off then the gun shots started being shot at them.  Oscar was shot and Javier jumped into the water after the gun shots started hitting the boat.  It is unclear as to if the men were on the US or  Mexico side of the water but officials were able to retrieve the boat and Oscar’s body.  Javier was taken to the hospital and treated for hypothermia.  The investigation on this case is open and they are working on collecting the evidence still.

I was able to speak to Oscar’s dad to give him my condolences for the loss of his son.  I understand what they are going through at this time and wondering why this happened but I also know that as much as Oscar’s dad would like to speak out more about the incident he is unable to because of fear of what the cartel will do to him or his family.  I was able to because I was not from that area and I am not of the Mexican dissent which is why David’s and My situation was able to be so publicized.

Please be praying for the families of Oscar Garza and Javier Gonzalez as Javier will be going through a lot of grief similar to what I have gone through. Below are a few links of news stories that have been aired in McAllen Texas.

Falcon Lake Shooting Again
Problems at border again

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